How I Spent My Spring Vacation

By | June 18, 2010

OK, vacation is a bit strong, but I did manage to sneak a day off back in April to go to New York City for BBC America’s premiere event for the new season of Doctor Who. I wasn’t first in line (that honor went to my friend Jody Harkavy), but I was close. And of… Read More »

Happy Holidays

By | December 25, 2008

As we enter what my employer’s handbook calls the “December 25th” holiday, I want to wish everyone a great day.  Whatever holiday you are celebrating, from Christmas to Life Day (yes, I am thinking about digging out my tape of the “Star Wars Holiday Special”), it is my sincere wish that it contains much joy… Read More »


By | September 4, 2005

I haven’t tried posting in here for a while. Still not sure want I want to write about, but I figure I should write something just so people know I am alive. Hopefully, there will be more later. I just need to figure out what direction I am taking this in.