About Me

David L Ennis, born October 1, 1969, is a professional with over six years of IT experience re-entering the IT field. His most recent work has focused on web development, working extensively with raw HTML, CGI, JavaScript, and Apache. He has over four years of development experience with Perl under both the Solaris and AIX varieties of Unix. Prior to this, he developed applications under the OpenVMS operating system. He has handled software installations, administration, and support on several computer platforms, including OpenVMS, Unix, and PC/Windows/NT. Most of these skills were entirely self-taught. His other talents include leadership, budgeting, and planning.


State University of New York at Buffalo, Buffalo, New York
B.A. in Sociology 2/98


Academic Services, Computing and Information Technology, University at Buffalo
Student Assistant, Software Development Group 8/94 – 10/99

During my time with the Software Development Group at the University at Buffalo, I was a member of the team that designed the Web system for initiating Internet service for residence hall students. Other projects, such as supporting the 25E event scheduling software, involved working with various staff members in other academic and administrative departments. I was also instrumental in the design of workstations for the disabled for use in the university’s public computing labs.

• Wrote and supported programs that tracked CPU and disk usage for OpenVMS using Fortran and the OpenVMS System Routines.
• Maintained OpenVMS print symbionts written in Fortran and C that served the entire university.
• Generated monthly reports of CPU and disk usage for the IBM/CMS, OpenVMS, and Unix platforms, and maintained the REXX programs that generated the reports.

Academic Services, Computing and Information Technology, University at Buffalo
Computing Services Consultant 8/90 – 8/94

• Assisted faculty, students, and staff in person, by phone, and by e-mail with computing related problems with university supported software and operating systems. These included OpenVMS, Unix, IBM/CMS, Microsoft Windows, MS-DOS, and Macintosh.
• Wrote and supported COMPRESS_MAIL program for OpenVMS using Fortran, OpenVMS Callable Mail Routines and RMS.

American Images, Buffalo, New York
Web Master 5/99 – 8/00

With American Images, I was responsible for all technical and design aspects for the web sites of four nationally recognized periodicals: National Enquirer, Star Magazine, Country Weekly, and Weekly World News. My duties included maintaining and expanding on the Perl-driven story creation and editing system, making site design changes, managing electronic mailing lists for weekly online newsletters, and resolving technical and design consistency issues from our online advertisers and other site partners.

Got laid off in 2000 and ended up working security at Buffalo Niagara International Airport after 9/11.

The Oracle of Enlightenment was a radio talk show that ran from September 1995 to June 2006 on WBNY, Buffalo State College radio. It started as a simple talk show with people having panel discussions, but grew to include interviews with celebrities such as Kiefer Sutherland and Avery Brooks. Live phone interviews and taped segments were utilized and sound effects also became a mainstay. The observer Sal Monaco was the host and several producers and co-hosts came and went including Dave the Iceman Ennis, Tom the Silver Rabbit Pecoraro and Dave the Hitman Horbinski, along with the ever present faithful secretary Marybeth Jaskowiak.

I have been “active” in SF fandom since the early 1990’s. I have been the Internet contact for Buffalo Time Council in Buffalo, NY, and have written many pieces for its newsletter, “Council Times”. I was a Registration staff member at the HME Visions conventions in Chicago from 1995 until the convention folded in 1998. I first joined the committee for Polaris (formerly Toronto Trek) in 1995, and have held a variety of positions, including Hotel Liaison, co-head of Programming, and Co-Chair. I have been in charge of Registration for EerieCon in Niagara Falls, NY since 2000.