How I Spent My Spring Vacation

By | June 18, 2010

OK, vacation is a bit strong, but I did manage to sneak a day off back in April to go to New York City for BBC America’s premiere event for the new season of Doctor Who. I wasn’t first in line (that honor went to my friend Jody Harkavy), but I was close. And of course, being near the front of the line, we both got our names butchered in the article on the News Page of BBC’s Doctor Who website. But, hey, any publicity right?  And considering that we spent most of the day in line to get in, it is a nice perk. I present the following picture for your enjoyment.  It certainly looks like I have the producer’s ear here, doesn’t it?


The original photo can be found in BBC America’s Doctor Who photo gallery on their website.  I also have links to some video of me in line on my YouTube page.